Top Tips How To Get ReTweeted

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1994 - What Is The Internet Anyway?

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Social Media on Valentines Day

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Google Docs Rocks - The Proof Is Here

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Google docs for creating forms, spreadsheets, docs etc is easy, useful, and fun. Using Google docs to create this must have been hell! Just sayin...

Don't let this video discourage you, use Google docs anyway! :-)

The Realtorasaur - The Lost Technausauraus

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Using a Google Buzz Strategy for SEO

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What Is Cloud Computing - It's The Future

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IBM Stands for - I'm Buying Mac!

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Youtube API's and Widgets

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A quick video overview of what you can do with the Youtube Video API's.  To see what one Real Estate Company has done, take a look at the link below this video.

Coldwell Banker on Location incorporates an API into their Youtube Video Channel to add additional value to their Youtube subscribers and visitors.

Technology Car Breaks Sound Barrier

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This is the only car on the planet that could make it from San Francisco to Los Angeles in less than one hour if there were an open road available.

I can't imagine the gas price to get from SF to LA in this car!