The True Difference Between MLS and IDX

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Many of today's Real Estate Websites and Blogs include a link or button that allows visitors and viewers to search for homes that have either sold, are under contract, or currently listed for sale. The question is, what are you telling your traffic that they are searching? The MLS or your IDX? Using the "Proper" and "Correct" term is important to understand. What is IDX?

What's the difference between searching "MLS" and searching "IDX" and why is it important to know? So you can make sure your clients know.

Reaching 50,000,000 - Did you Know?

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Here's some information that was compiled from a meeting that took place in Rome this year. These numbers are shocking, and are proof of why YOU need to be connected on the World Wide Web and to Social Media Networks and Marketing Platforms. Watch this video and be prepared to witness some statistics and numbers that might very well stagger you.

Real Estate Tools for iPhone

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Here's a new tool for the iPhone that is included with the services offered by Utopria. You will most likely see more applications coming for the iPhone that apply to Real Estate. There are developers all over the Country finding the needs of consumers, and designing applications that make mobile access to Real Estate and other Industries simple and fast. These new applications and tools make it easy to access almost anything with the iPhone.