Viddler Video Commenting - Is This Vlogging?

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Today I was reviewing one of the Video's I put together for my kids called "The Magic Floating Dollar!" I was explaining to them some ways that a REALTOR® could use this as a demonstration when at a Listing Appointment. Instead of a dollar, the agent could use their business card to perform a memorable and fun presentation.

I have been spending lot's of time reviewing many different Video hosting platforms: YouTube Yahoo Video MySpace DivX Stage6 CrushedPlanet.com OurStage.com Google Video VeOH Grouper iFilm Caught On Video TinyPic Multiply YouAreTV OverairTV Yourfilehost MetaCafe DiDGU WellcomeMat and I am sure there are many others I may have missed, but Viddler is one that had a feature that really kind of impressed me.

Viddler is a Video hosting website with some limitations, but what I thought was cool is the ability to add comments at certain points during the video. You can even add video to the video. I started thinking how this would apply to the Real Estate Industry and my imagination began to run wild! LOL!~ How would you use a tool like this or would you? What about your visitors and subscribers to your Blog? Is there value in having comments added to your video, or giving others access to add their comments?

I'm using the Video below for you to experiment with to see how this all really works. Feel free to comment, add your video uploads, make suggestions or just brainstorm ideas on where the value may or may not be in this type of video tool. It's really kind of cool, but is it practical and beneficial to you or our industry? I'd love to hear your comments and opinions, both good and constructive. Just click on the little play bar as it's scrolling across the video, look for the green plus sign, then click on it for options.