Don't Trash Your Identity

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Nationally, identity theft is a rising concern of many consumers. In the Real Estate arena, we are seeing some areas of neglegent identity theft. In most cases, consumers are very careful about keeping their identity safe and secure, but what about those companies who are careless and neglegent with personal and confidential information of yours. This news broadcast demonstrates how easy it is for your identity to be stolen. Watch and learn, take every precaution to prevent this from happening to you.

What Is A Blog?

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Are you new to the Blogosphere? Is there an easy explanation of Blogs and this new phenomenon? Yes! Blogs or Weblogs are explained in this easy to understand video that puts it all into plain English. Don't procrastinate about creating a Blog because of all the techknowbabble that you hear, watch this video, and it will all become clear!

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Real Estate Connect 2008 in San Francisco

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Well it's back! The RE Connect in the City By The Bay! Brad Inman from Inman News is doing it once again. This year looks very promising. It should be a great event. There will be mass amounts of information made available to hundreds of Real Estate Industry professionals. July 23-25, 2008 at The Palace Hotel.

Guest Speakers and panels, Vendors & Exhibit Hall, Breakout Sessions and one of my favorites, the Bloggers Connect. If you're in the Real Estate Industry and within 2000 miles of San Francisco, I would recommend this event, I know we'll be there!

Photo Video from Last Years Event

The opportunity to connect with others in this business is one of the main purposes of Real Estate CONNECT. Come see why WEB 2.0 and RE.Net are so important to you and your business.