How To Speed Read

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With all the information available in books, papers, and on the Internet today, and at the speed it's becoming readily available, it gets harder to try and keep up and grasp the overload of data provided. Learning to speed read will enable you to view more content in less time, allowing you to gather the information you need more effectively and efficiently.

Growing Your Business and Gaining Leads

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How do you take your Blogging to the next level? What are your goals, who is your audience? What is the next level for you and your Blog? Listen to what this panel moderated by Jeff Turner has to say about the next level of Blogging. It's a star studded panel which includes Daniel Rothemel, Jim Cronin, Dustin Luther and Nicole Nicolay. This video will help you understand and discover what the next level is, and how to get there.

Create Your Own Widgets in Minutes

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Widget World has a great post about Kickapps easy to use syndication feeds and ability to create Widgets. How do widgets help drive traffic to your website and Blog? Why would you want to create your own widget instead of using an existing one? Check out Kickapps and this video to find out what uses this WEB 2.o tool might offer you, your site, and your readers.

Kickapps is a FREE service designed to:
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Provide you with an Easy to Use Interface
Give you One-Click Syndication to Facebook, MySpace & Millions More
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