Google Voice - Coming Soon...

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is coming soon to a phone near you. Maybe we should say ALL phones near you. It is currently only available in the US, and only to existing Grand Central users, but that is all about to change. See why Google Voice might be a service worth checking into for you or your business, it's FREE and appears to have many great services and features tied to the Local number you can select.

Avoid the Top 10 Mistakes Sellers Make

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How To Make A Fan - USB Powered

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This is a simple inexpensive way to create a fan to use in your work area.

Do you suffer IOS?

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What is information overload? Are you a potential candidate for IOS? TechKnowBabble is on a mission to help others not become victims of IOS by providing informational videos and tutorials with tips on how to learn and grow from the technologies that are available, not be damaged by them. This video is hilarious. Bookmark TechKnowBabble Video Blog and prevent IOS.

How To Post Videos On Youtube from Phone

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