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Real Estate Blogging

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Real Estate Blogging has become a powerful tool in the Industry, but are Real Estate Agents "Blogging For Dollars?" You may want to consider why you Blog, and who you're Blogging to. Watch "Blogging for Dollars" - Darrin Friedman, Part 1, and learn what Real Estate Blogging is all about in his opinion.

Little Pink Houses For You and Me

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This video says it all, no explanation necessary. The question is, when and "IF" you should downsize your home. Is it a status symbol, or your home?

The Four Letter "F" Word

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Here's the four letter "F" word everyone loves to hear and use. No, it's not that one, it's the word "FREE!" How do you get or find out about "FREE" stuff? Howcast put together this video showing you how to find tons of FREE stuff in your area and on the WEB. Not much is required, and the price is right!