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Technology in the Real Estate Industry is a necessity. It starts with the ability to utilize email, attachments, databases, calendars, desktop publishing, graphics and photos. You must be well versed on data entry to the local MLS and have the capability to upload photos, documents and files of various sorts, in multiple formats. Better have a scanner.

It gets more intense as you have to learn about websites, HTML code, Blogging, CSS, SEO, online advertising, marketing and the time management of all the above. Today, the cell phone is more like a tech-tool. You need to learn about wireless technology, beaming information, opening the eKey lock box, texting your client all the while trying to talk to your sellers.

I love the infamous "Can you hear me know?" as you notice only 1 bar, hear a faint voice and a crackling sound, and then a "Call Was Dropped" error is displayed on your LCD screen.

This is all what I call Technobabble. We use it every day and hardly understand most of it. Doesn't technology just abound in the Real Estate Industry? Now you end your day with a stop at the ATM, a click from your cars remote alarm, the code to get into the house, just as the automatic timer sounds for your coffee to start.

You remotely turn on the ipod in it's cradle, press a button to hear your VM messages, and start the box that sends micro waves through your soon to be prepared dinner. With a clap of your hands, you find your misplaced keys, and go get the laptop out of the self parking car.

As darkness falls upon you, your automatic light timers come on, the sprinklers begin in the yard, just as the automatic garage door begins to close. Your universal remote once again comes into play as you click to start some soft background music, your surround sound system completely controlled by wireless. With a touch of a button you turn on your Flat Screen HDTV 1080P to enjoy a little news and some "Hollywood" effects.

Within 30 minutes, you head for the computer to enjoy your RSS feeds from the day, using your favorite automated reader. An hour later, you're so deep into someones website or writing some blog, and checking google alerts, that you wonder how you'll ever keep up with all the technology in the world. Look where it's come, where the heck is it going?

With one glance at your digital waterproof watch, you realize, the day has come to an end, so you click a few buttons, hit a few lights, plug in your cell to charge, and the last thing you touch before falling asleep, is the little box clock next to the bed, to automatically go off at 6:00am so you can do it all again. Technology or Techknowbabble, it's a love-hate relationship. Can't live with it, and you can't live without it!

This Blog was created for those who experience any portion of this scenario in the course of their day. Techknowbabble is the place to stop, relax, and venture into all the newest and latest technobabble available in the industry. Whether it's new technology or cyber-world marketing, you'll find it all here at TechKnowBabble!

To see where we've come from, check out the Then & Now post.

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Anonymous said on September 23, 2007 at 10:35 AM  

My favorite little Techno"Bauble" is email delivery of the NY times. I just love it. I can browse by topic, check out the top 10 stories and it is completely green - no need to recycle.

Brad Andersohn said on September 23, 2007 at 11:45 AM  

Hey Maureen - thanks for visiting Techknowbabble, I love the whole green thing and the NY Times. We are a "GREEN" Blog and proud of it! With RSS feeds and subscriptions to sites, the world of technology and information has come right to our finger tips...at least for those who know how to use it. B-)

Paula Henry said on September 23, 2007 at 7:27 PM  

Brad - Do we really need to know how it all works? I really just want to turn everything on and BINGO -it gives me exactly what I need. It seems there is something new everyday and now I am working on making the Blackberry a part of my life. Thank goodness I have this website Blog to refer to!

Brad Andersohn said on September 23, 2007 at 8:23 PM  

Paula - you're right! As long as it all works, who cares how it does! LOL! There is something new everyday, and we are focused on bringing that to you here at TechKnowBabble. The first step to making your Blackberry part of your life is to just "Turn It On!" There are some great sources to help you with its functions and performance. Let us know what you need help with and we'll provide you all that you need. Just post your concerns or challenges and we'll get you the answers you need! B-)