How The Stock Market Works

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We have discovered a fabulous site for learning ALL about the Stock Market. This website is very user friendly, interactive, and teaches you "How The Market Works!" If you are like many of us, and you just can't seem to find the time, or get your arms and understanding around the stock market, you need to go to: www.HowTheMarketWorks.com.

Here is a screen shot of an account we setup a few days ago. We purchased stock from Ebay, Apple, Google, Home Depot, and Microsoft. You can see below what the portfolio has done, and also view the options tabs with what other tools are available from this site. IT's FREE!

You can select any amount of money to start with, (be realistic to your own real budget) then buy, sell, and trade public stocks on the stock exchange. It's real stocks in real time, the only thing that isn't real is your money. This allows you the chance to learn "virtual" trading without losing any real money. Create charts, track trends, do it all with your own personal virtual stock market account. This is one of the many "Virtual Stock Exchanges" available on the internet today, but we feel that HowTheMarketWorks.com is one of the easiest and most realistic sites out there today.

A Cal Poly student referred us to this site and made a very profound statement. "You're never too late or too old to begin learning about the stock market and how it all works for you or against you!" We recommend you check out their site, and let your kids in on it too. They're never too young to start learning about money and stocks! Got Stock Questions?


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