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I have read 100's of posts these past few days written by other Bloggers all over the Country. Today my eyes are watery and my vision blurred from so much reading. If you subscribe to any Blogs including TechKnowBabble, and you're using FeedBlitz, you'll notice in the email you receive, there is a little speaker toward the bottom of the posted article. Now you don't have to read the blogs, they can be read to you by Talkr! Amazing!!
A voice will now read the blogs that you subscribe to so you can just sit back and listen while you enjoy your cup of java! Last week I posted on Utterz.com and Jott.com which allow you to record your voice and post directly to your Blog. Now we can eliminate typing and reading altogether! Well, maybe not yet, but we are getting close! Talkr.com has partnered with FeedBlitz to bring you this new and exciting service and technology. I just found out that they are currently upgrading their service so that the .mp3 format will be even better than ever! Very much worth checking out. TechKnowBabble is rating Talkr a 7 out of 10.

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For me, Talkr.com sure beat trying to find my reading glasses!!

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