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Frappr maps are a combination of an online guest book, a hit log and a map. Frappr may very well be one of the Web's best community mappers. They help turn your ordinary Web pages into interactive, fun and engaging destinations. Frappr was launched by Kun, James and Brian in 2005, three friends from UC Berkeley and USC who wanted to keep track of their friends' after college. More than 2 million maps have been created so far, and the number keeps growing every day. I see several uses for this type of mapping in the Real Estate Market.

Frappr maps can give Web site owners and visitors an easy and unique way to visualize and interact with each other. Visitors can add their name, photo and message directly on a website embedded with Frappr, and the Web site or Blog owner gets real-time stats on where visitors are coming from and how often they visit. Frappr is absolutely free and can be placed on any Web page, Blog or online community that supports flash embedding. According to Frappr, it is the fourth largest mapping service just behind Mapquest, Yahoo Maps and Google Maps.

Join the TechKnowBabble network of Friends and Family, or feel free to Join Frappr, and create your own map for your Website or Blog. We think this is a pretty cool tool and it's very popular among the College Campus communities. TechKnowBabble is rating Frappr an 8 out of 10.

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